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For female portraits (Collodion)

And we go on.
New soft focus lens is promising a lot of joy for the future.
As some petzval lenses are so sharp,
detail produced by it are my idea to hard, special for female portraits.

More to come.

Demo "Collodion photography" Maldegem 2018

Kleine impressie wat we te bieden hadden daar in Maldegem.
Dikke merci voor de gastvrijheid.
Was een zalige mooie dag!

Demo - tentoonstelling Collodion 2018 test shots
Benedenverdieping gemeentehuis Maldegem
Zondag 29 april 2018
14.00 -18.00 u
Met dank voor de interesse.

Faces of my village 2 (wetplate)

The story continues.
Faces of my village 2

Faces of my village 1 (Wetplate)

The faces of my village 1 (Wetplate)

"Slow world of mine".
Exposures from 10 to 16 sec.
Darlot lens 1860
Ross camera 1880
Wetplate 2017